“To arrive at TENUTA PARADSIO is just enough!, somebody told. So simple it could be a common position. It is sufficient  to sit in the garden watching the clementine coloured sunset of OSTRA and drinking identic coloured Italian quite fresh “aperolspritz” (One of Italians favorite aperitifs). It´s a really lovely place to relax and dream. The car is waiting, parked under the old shade cypress tree. It´s just neccessary for buying food in the village. The way to Ostra (one and a half kilometer) is not far away but nobody walks. Everybody knows who drives the paradise road to TENUTA PARADISO on the first way because it is named “paradise”. The little road seems to lead directly into the sky!

The planned hike to MONTE CONERO (south of Ancona, Natural Park) with breathtaking views over an unknown adriatic coast is just forgotten. Even the open book is alone lying on the old garden table, because the look dont´want to stop dancing into the fascinating landscape. There are so much opportunities for holiday in the Marche, not only one is neccessary....now.

A welcoming reason to  leave the garden Eden is to buy a guinea fowl, pheasant or partridge. Fresh lamb, excellent t-bone steak from the lucky “Marche”-cows and previously home-made pasta, which the Italians fill with shrimps, rabbit or ricotta ... never eat before....in places difficult to find for tourists, as remoted from the usual tourist paths. Or the bars, from outside rather plain and shy, insight you can feel and watch the spirited Italian gestures, giving every stranger sympathy, if this person is not closed itself.

TENUTA PARADISO is not even a place of silence, it´s even a place with a warm athmosphere, not only a refuge for summer tourists but also perfect for spring and autumn travelers. And TENUTA PARADISO won´t be a house just with holiday flats. Here to stay is like to visit old friends. The preserved living tradition combined with modern style is another reason not to move from the magic place.

SENIGALLIA (the old seabath on the coast since 1860) with his velvet sand coast is about 18 km long. The coast is just about 15 km far away. So you may swimming in the sea in roundabout 15 minutes and in the summer there´s lot of Italian nightlive especiallly when there is the international SUMMER JAMBUREE with the music of Rock and Roll (lifeconcerts on the beach and in the city with original cars and costumes from all over the world). But following the velevet coast into south there are less people and you can find silence to relax.

From the first 10 top restaurants in Italy there are just two of them situated on the coast of SENIGALLIA. The town with its antique castle, and some hundred years old churches and palaces is really fantastic. Also the historial city JESI (the birth place of emperor Frederic 2nd) with his famous history (15 km far away) let even the hearts of the women beat high when they see the stylish designer/cloth/shoe shops......Try it! From Jesi you can travel by train easy directly to Italians Capital ROME....

Another highlight is the infinity pool (13 x 7 meters) which is under construktion (finished may 2021)!

beach and sea (national parc MONTE CONERO)

The beach of the national parc MONTE CONERO

Surfing- and divingparadis apart the
typical aria beaches
the formely fisher cottage on the beach, now: sushibar CLANESTINO at Portonovo