Comfortable holiday home with views over the hills of the Marche
The sea is 10 km, a large new pool area is nearby

PANORAMA LOFT (large flat)
On 150 sqm our guests will find a modern living ambience with a marvellous panoramic view of the enchanting hilly landscape. The spacious property can accommodate 6 people (living-kitchen-loft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, panoramic terrace)

The apartment for 2 people or small family (2-4 people) combines modern living in the historic walls. The special is the associated terrace, with sunset over a beautiful landscape including.

The house on the property of TENUTA PARADISO is suitable for 2-4 people or small family. It is therefore so popular because its large window surfaces combine the contact with the dream landscape, connected the own panoramic terrace, - modern architecture, purist design and stylish equipment for the special holiday experience

The large infinity pool (13x7m) is located a bit off the houses on another part of the property and is popular for swimmers (not suitable for smaller children). But also the panoramic view during the swim is impressive. There are no leisure facilities (playground etc.) for children, as our guests primarily want peace and relaxation.

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On the Corona Pandemic (as of October 2021):

The corona crisis still has a firm grip on the whole world and the everyday mask, larger distances and various other restrictions dominate our everyday lives everywhere. In Italy there are uniform rules.

The number of infections is stable or steadily declining throughout the country. Italy had introduced a lockdown in November 2020 and was much successfuller than other countries in Europe. It is possible that this has led to the fact that earlier than in other European countries, including Germany, relaxations are now taking effect to the extent that bars and restaurants with outdoor areas can be entered without proof of the Green Pass. A reliable system for the detection of vaccinated persons (keyword: vaccination certificate) works in Italy largely uncomplicated. You present the vaccination certificate of your nation in your smartphone and it is read in at the entrance oft the restaurant or other public areas.

Note: We have carefully researched the following information, but we do not claim to be up-to-date and complete. Please also inform yourself about ..

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