The flat for 6 persons in the first floor offers plenty of space and includes more than 140 sqauremeters. There are two bathrooms (one very big) and three comfortable bedrooms. The living and dining room is about 50 squaremeters large and covered with antique plates The 5 meters high rafters with his old bricks is nice to look. A new technic (electric and plumbing) is ivisible integrated. The combination of antique and modern style represents a particular ambience. Very large modern oil paintings in combination with antique furniture and the beautiful 200 years old doors are a charming combination.

If you don´t like to read a good book every sleeping room is equiped with television and wireless lan (Internet). For your aperitif there is a cozy large lounge near the fireplace-stove, but every room has also central heating in case you would like to use the house also after summer.

The kitchen (modern italian style - stainless) is well equiped with beautiful tableware and has plenty of space with its long table for the italian most important thing: eating! From the living room you have a fantastic view over the magnificent hills and there is a small balcony to look also into the high Appenines mountains. From this place there leads an external staircase to the related garden terrace, which belongs just to the flat. Tasteful chairs, garden furniture and barbecue grill are available for you. From the terrace your eyes can freely roam in all dircetions and there is a fantastic view up to a never seen beautitul landscape, almost there is a refreshing air from the sea (about 10 km far away) and keeps well during hot summerdays.

The garden is full of lavender, roses and rosemary hedges divided in three different levels. So having breakfast in the garden you can see the antique village of Morro dÁlba, where one of the best red wines of Italy grow, named LACRIMA DI MORRO dÁLBA. Refreshing yourself also with your own garden shower in the sunshine an enjoy the unbelievable sunset over OSTRA during the dinner. You have the choice!