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We are private holiday rental landlords. We answer SMS, WhatsApp or email immediately. Reservation or booking within a few minutes is possible on request. SMS or WhatsApp at 0049-1712016495,
Lease-call-online, non-binding reservation and further questions - we answer immediately. Secure booking (certified rental agreement, bank transfer, payment on arrival or via Paypal (+ 2.9% service charge), Karin Weimann, Jahnstrasse. 2, D-97422 Schweinfurt, Germany

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(minimum rental period 3 days).

2 (up to 4) pers.

apartment 6 pers.

up to 4 pers.

01.01. - 08.01.2022 500,- EUR 650,- EUR 600,- EUR
08.01. - 26.02. je Wo. 500,- EUR 650,- EUR 600,- EUR
26.02. - 05.03. je Wo. 500,- EUR 650,- EUR 600,- EUR
05.03. - 12.03. 500,- EUR 750,- EUR 600,- EUR
12.03. - 19.03. 500,- EUR 750,- EUR 600,- EUR
19.03. - 26.03. 500,- EUR 750,- EUR 600,- EUR
26.03. - 02.04. 500,- EUR 850,- EUR 690,- EUR
02.04. - 09.04. 550,- EUR 850,- EUR 690,- EUR
09.04. - 16.04. 550,- EUR 850,- EUR 690,- EUR
16.04. - 23.04. 550,- EUR 850,- EUR 690,- EUR
23.04. - 30.04. 550,- EUR 1.050,- EUR 690,- EUR
30.04. - 07.05. 610,- EUR 1.050,- EUR 770,- EUR
07.05. - 14.05. 610,- EUR 1.050,- EUR 770,- EUR
14.05. - 21.05. 610,- EUR 1.050,- EUR 770,- EUR
21.05. - 28.05. 650,- EUR 1.200,- EUR 850,- EUR
28.05. - 04.06. 650,- EUR 1.200,- EUR 850,- EUR
04.06. - 11.06. 650,- EUR 1.200,- EUR 850,- EUR
11.06. - 18.06. 650,- EUR 1.200,- EUR 850,- EUR
18.06. - 25.06. 650,- EUR 1.200,- EUR 850,- EUR
25.06. - 02.07. 700,- EUR 1.320,- EUR 910,- EUR
02.07. - 09.07. 700,- EUR 1.320,- EUR 910,- EUR
09.07. - 16.07. 750,- EUR 1.320,- EUR 1.050,- EUR
16.07. - 23.07. 750,- EUR 1.450,- EUR 1.050,- EUR
23.07. - 30.07. 750,- EUR 1.450,- EUR 1.050,- EUR
30.07. - 06.08. 750,- EUR 1.450,- EUR 1.050,- EUR
06.08. - 13.08. 750,- EUR 1.450,- EUR 1.050,- EUR
13.08. - 20.08. 750,- EUR 1.450,- EUR 1.050,- EUR
20.08. - 27.08. 700,- EUR 1.200,- EUR 910,- EUR
27.08. - 03.09. 700,- EUR 1.200,- EUR 910,- EUR
03.09. - 10.09. 700,- EUR 1.200,- EUR 910,- EUR
10.09. - 17.09. 650,- EUR 990,- EUR 850,- EUR
17.09. - 24.09. 650,- EUR 990,- EUR 850,- EUR
24.09. - 01.10. 650,- EUR 990,- EUR 850,- EUR
01.10. - 08.10. 650,- EUR 990,- EUR 850,- EUR
08.10. - 15.10. 610,- EUR 800,- EUR 770,- EUR
15.10. - 22.10. 610,- EUR 800,- EUR 770,- EUR
22.10. - 29.10. 610,- EUR 800,- EUR 770,- EUR
29.10. - 05.11. 610,- EUR 800,- EUR 720,- EUR
05.11. - 12.11. 550,- EUR 800,- EUR 720,- EUR
12.11. - 19.11. 550,- EUR 750,- EUR 720,- EUR
19.11. - 26.11. 550,- EUR 750,- EUR 720,- EUR
26.11. - 03.12. 550,- EUR 720,- EUR 690,- EUR
03.12. - 10.12. 550,- EUR 720,- EUR 690,- EUR
10.12. - 17.12. 550,- EUR 720,- EUR 690,- EUR
17.12. - 24.12. 550,- EUR 720,- EUR 690,- EUR
24.12. - 07.01.2023 750,- EUR 990,- EUR 870,- EUR
  final cleaning:
additional person
(on request)
50,- EUR
50,- EUR/Tag
70,- EUR
300,- EUR
60,- EUR
300,- EUR

Further recommendations Marco´s winery tours:
For everybody wants to learn and taste the excellent wine of the MARCHE in accompany there is a recommendation to our friend Marco of us (English spoken)


Reviews of our guests:

1. "The Tenuta Paradiso holds exactly what its name promises. The house is in a sublime location with ever-changing views and horizons, the steady wind blows your head free and who is here with a bottle of ice-cold Verdicchio and a plate of pasta from Flora still could ask itself for the meaning of life itself.

The common thread that runs through the entire property is generosity. You will find them both in the kitchen equipment, as well as in the bedrooms and bathrooms, the high ceilings and, of course, in the paintings of the artist. The only shortcoming is the unfulfilled promise of the paradisiacal eternity - we were sent back to the "earth" after a too short a time. Grazie di tutto!" H.F. 2017 (PANORAMA LOFT)

2. "I spent 2 weeks at this dream place in the beautiful Loggia Paradiso. Everything that I imagined, I found here: A entire artwork (house and garden) designed with a lot of own performance and taste, high - with a view into a landscape, where you can not get enough of it ... Colors, smells, ... The food! If you want to cook yourself, you will find everything! The palate desires in the nearby and charming town of Ostra and a perfectly equipped kitchen where you can prepare something fine from it. If you want to go out for dinner, you will have to stay for at least 1 month or come back to try all the top restaurant tips you can find in the extensive portfolio that the owner has put together for their guests. If you are looking for culture, you will find it just as abundant (if the weather is not suitable for a beach day, for example). If you are looking for peace, just stay at home in the Paradiso :-) If you are after more "hype", go down to the cult Senigallia ... What should I write? I found my perfect vacation spot! Many thanks to the owner family, that they created one!" B.S. 2017 (LOGGIA PARADISO)

Reviews before 2017:

3. "We stayed for 2 weeks in this beautiful apartment and enjoyed every day there. The apartment impresses with its mix of old and new. The rooms are very spacious, the large-sized pictures fit wonderfully to the ambience. The great view from the windows immediately gives the right holiday mood. The terrace can be reached by an external staircase and offers plenty of space for the large table and the ready-to-lie loungers. The view from the terrace and garden is breathtaking. Here you can really relax, but also the sandy beaches are not far away (about 20 minutes drive). Highly Recommended!" (PANORAMA LOFT)

4. "3 weeks we were in Tenuta Paradiso. We felt so comfortable and have seen so much !! The apartment is beautiful, the large garden with the view heavenly and the lavender scent beguiling !! In the very well equipped kitchen was missing nothing. The large bathroom with bath and shower is beautifully restored as is the whole apartment. Especially great: the ceiling height of about 5m, which gives the lush large kitchen wide. With this object you realize: renovated with much attention to detail and furnished! We were completely impressed by the old floor tiles. Important for anyone who needs to be reachable by e-mail or who are accustomed to reading electronically-magazines, newspapers, e-books there is a reliably functioning WLAN. Not only is it free, it is also available throughout the apartment and even on the terrace with good signal strength. In our experience, this is not a natural luxury. To the beach with beach chairs and umbrella you drive about few minutes and also the big supermarket in Senigallia is not far away and open every day also sunday. So that the mosquitoes do not bother too much, there is a mosquito blind in each bedroom, each with its own window. If LE MARCHE, then the Tenuta Paradiso! As a tip: San Marino is not that far away and really worth a day trip. Thanks for the nice time!" (PANORAMA LOFT)

5. "Compliment!. The description of the website is good. But once you get there, it's much better! We felt very very comfortable! Tenuta Paradiso has something magical! The view is more than awesome! The location is unique.! The property seems like an eagle's nest, we really could not get enough and look forward to the next time. We are reluctant to return the keys!"

6."Thank you for a wonderful holiday. You really did not exaggerate in your description. Our extended family including our 2 sons (10 and 14 years), grandma and grandfather not only enjoyed the generosity of this loft-like apartment, but especially appreciated the panoramic views in all directions. Getting up made even our sons fun! Never before we have had such a large, beautiful and well-equipped kitchen and a tewrrace like this. We liked to stay longer! The house and the surrounding area offers fun, recreation and variety for all generations. The trips to the sea, to Senigallia and Jesi with their typical Italian flair, hiking in the near mountains, visiting ancient fortified villages and wineries. Everyone of us (3 generations!) have had their preferences, but they were always happy when we could return to "our paradise" afterwards. The garden had a cinematic panorama. Even with our sons the TV stayed off this time and that means something. We are looking forward to the next time!!" (PANORAMA LOFT)

7. "We rented the apartment SUNDOWN in TENUTA PARADISO in summer. It offers everything you need for a romantic holiday. Everything is at least as described above. Much was actually more impressive than we thought. In the house folder on site we found plenty of information. The location of the house is breathtaking. From the magnificent terrace of our apartment, we have always observed the sunset over Ostra. Funny is the window over the stove, from which you can also enjoy the spectacle of the kitchen. Now that we are at home, we know what we miss most! We found everything very well maintained. The approach is also completely unproblematic with our sporty car, if the way to paradise is also steeply steep (but there is also the longer, but easier option). We have Ostra in our hearts with its old Palazzis, the ancient churches and its imposing city wall. It's true, what the owners describe: the population is very nice and sympathetic and it is really there in 2 minutes. So we could drink our espresso at the bar like real Italians or drink a fresh Verdicchio at Corrado in the Fori di Porte. It was great and we like to come back! THANK YOU" (Apartment SUNDOWN)

8. Thank you again for the great holiday, we really needed only fifteen minutes from Tenuta Paradiso to the beach, so sometimes we were twice a day at the quiet beaches of the adriatic sea. We bought freshly fish and seafood after a short swimming in the sea, cooked at home and it was eaten on the panoramic terrace. So great! After a leisurely "siesta", we returned to the nearby coast for a swim in the late afternoon. The ride on the panoramic road to Senigallia was so beautiful. (15 km also reachable in 15 minutes) . Everything was previously described! We have had in our last holidays before for 20 km already almost an hour, here it took us some minutes, great! We loved the combination with panoramic views and the fresh sea breeze very well. Well recovered, we think back to Tenuta Paradiso for a long time! Even a real paradise for us!" (LOGGIA PARADISO)

9. "Many holiday greetings from the sunflower paradise TENUTA. The field in front of the house was in full bloom during our stay. Now we are full of beautiful holiday memories and well-rested at home. Your house with the beautiful view has contributed much! The president oft he urban partnership MARKT SCHWABEN (germany) an OSTRA who wem et praised this friendship and he complimented also TENUTA PARADISO. We enjoyed the holidays in your well-kept property with the beautiful view and the spacious apartment. We will gladly come again." (PANORAMA LOFT)

10. "I am sending you back the" keys fort he paradise". You have not exaggerated on your homepage: it is indeed a place of silence, harmony and peace. The fabulous panoramic view and especially the sunsets with the blood-red sky over Ostra will remain unforgettable! (I would have liked to paint it...) On the large panoramic terrace we enjoyed the spectacular natural cinema. Again and again we put the book aside to enjoy it.

In the late afternoons there was time to visit the villages and towns in the area (Morro dÁlba, Corinaldo, Jesi and Senigallia). A true Italy, as it is in most other tourist areas are no longer: pure Italy. There are many restaurants where locals are guests. We found good prices on the service and a lot of friendliness. We have become true fans of Verdicchio combined with excelent seafood nearly the beach and Lacrima with poultry dishes and wonderful meat-grill dishes at the beautiful villages over the Marche hills. But the best thing was to cook it by ourself in the spacious kitchen or on the barbecue on the terrace.

Good luck in your Paradiso and best wishes for you! " (APARTMENT SUNDOWN)

11. "We would like to thank you for your hospitality. Tenuta Paradiso is very tastefully decorated. The combination of old masonry, unpretentious furnishing and the big modern pictures enchanted our holiday.

You didn’t exaggerated on the website of TENUTA This is rare and we were pleasantly surprised! The description is exactly how we felt it (or even better). Unfortunately, we had not so great experiences with other landlords before. The view is spectacular and really like in a TV movie!

From the house you drove quickly to the sea. There are many free beaches without beach chairs, very pleasant and to our taste. You could dine right on the beach 5 meters away from the water (not expensive) with friendly service!"(PANORAMA LOFT)

12. "... unfortunately our holiday is over and we will send you back the keys to the apartment of your TENUTA PARADISO as agreed. We would have loved to keep the keys to paradise forever. We have spent a wonderful holiday, the apartment, the location, the landscape, the place, the people - everthing was wonderful we will be glad to come back" (SUNDOWN)

Our answer representative of all guests::

"Thank you for the wonderful ratings. It was a lucky coincidence for us that we found TENUTA PARADISO many years ago. Location and view were the decisive factors to make the old farmhouse to a place in which one should feel comfortable. The compliment of generosity and character is not up to us as owners. We were only responsible for the interior and combined it with modern interior style and art. TENUTA PARADISO is located on the hills of the Marche, overlooking OSTRA (the beautiful medieval town), yet you can reach the bar in just 2 minutes by car, or you can buy wonderful ingredients for authentic, genuine Italian cuisine. The warmth of the inhabitants (- for us are real friendships) but also the place itself, complete the pure Italian life. And a day at the sea you don´t have to plan long, on the scenic road you are after a few time already arrived. The best weeks of the year are the holidays! If we've been able to help make sure you've spent a fantastic holiday, that's the most beautiful compendium for us!!. Many thanks to our nice guests, with whom we can share TENUTA PARADISO." (Family Weimann)